JACKAL set to tour 3 Indian destinations as part of his ongoing World Tour

It’s clear to all that there is no dearth of talent in the heartland of America’s entertainment center Los Angeles and we only have Mikey Pennington, best known by his artist moniker Jackal, to confirm our beliefs. Hailing from England originally, Mikey leaves nothing to chance and is one of those rare artists to have started learning the to play guitar, drums and making beats on his keyboard at an early age. A trap mastermind behind a thoroughly entertaining personality, Mikey is not only an artist by inclination but is professionally trained in music technology from the University of Canterbury, the place where he first kicked off his production career. Having come a long way since with a flurry of releases across top notch labels and appreciation in the form of recognition from his idols in the current scene, he now looks to expand his touring experience with the ongoing 11 city tour across the face of the world.

Three of those destinations would be in India. For all his fans in India and to one and all who appreciate a good performance from one of the industry’s most adept, the stage is set for the artist and the fans alike. During the course of his visit the LA based Music Producer & DJ will be performing in the two Kitty Su clubs in Delhi and Mumbai before heading off to Indore to sign off with a set at O2 The Lounge. With the former being undoubtedly one of the best and arguably the most famous clubs across the country, it’ll be worth the fight to catch a glimpse of Jackal at any of the two Kitty Su establishments.

And for this spectacle we have none other than Event India Entertainment team to thank as they’ve been the driving force behind the recent venturing of mainstream Electronic Dance Music acts into the India. It is certain that with so much going on behind the scenes for the upcoming arrival of Jackal to India, it is the fans who are the focus. Assured to have the night of their lives, the audience need not be reminded the kind of artists that Kitty Su has entertained in the past few years – the kind that has in turn brought them to the forefront of the nightlife scene in the prominent cities of the country. Now is the time, plan your trips, your nights and get geared up to become part of Jackal’s ongoing tour at the following locations!



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