Jordy Dazz reveals reason behind hiatus and announces upcoming releases

For many years, Jordy Dazz has grown into one of the industry’s biggest household names but during the past several months, the Dutch DJ and producer has been on hiatus. Best known for his incredible releases on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, Jordy Dazz has become relatively quiet since his last single called “The Cube”. However, he recently broke out of silence after a lengthy post on social media.

Jordy Dazz explained the reason behind his time off, stating that he needed to reevaluate his entire career and personal life. He said that he has unfortunately lost track of why he loved making music and wanted the same passion back again. He kept feeling that he needed to please everyone around him and this led him to seek new inspirations for producing tracks, which he found in his own company named LastBlast – Show Creations. Jordy Dazz credited this venture with his friend Bart by saying:

“Because of this way of working with audio and meeting new people in the industry, I felt insanely inspired to go back where it all began for me; by creating the music I like. Nothing more, nothing less. Without expectations and without pressure. As Jordy Dazz, I solely want to focus on bringing heavy, dope club-tracks. And that’s exactly what I have been doing lately.”

Jordy Dazz also announced that he will be returning to his musical journey with a couple of new, upcoming releases. His first planned single is titled “Stamina”, which is set to release on Musical Freedom on November 14th. He will also drop a remix of Bethesda’s “Dishonored 2” game soundtrack and a collaboration with BLOQSHOT. Another major revelation from this post is that Jordy Dazz is also geared to launch his own record label.

Showing his appreciation to his loyal fans, Jordy Dazz concluded with:

“So I haven’t left or anything, I just grabbed some time to get things in perspective. Thanks to everyone who is enjoying my music, and has been following and supporting me throughout the steps I make. It’s humbling to read all of those great reactions on Stamina so far. It means the world to me.”

Check out the preview of Jordy Dazz’s “Stamina” below: