Junior Sanchez – The Love Within

Junior Sanchez has gone from a status of a young teenage prodigy to a rightful earned reputed and respected one. Hailing from New Jersey, USA, his sound have evolved masterfully since his portfolio’s inception.

Committed to the development of sounds from the underground more than the mainstream charts, his creativity has seen him produce and remix with the likes of Chocolate Puma, Daft Punk, Gorrilaz, Madonna, Shakira and even Katy Perry to name a few. On the other side the credit listing however, his work has also attained a number of Beatport No.1 placings in recent times.

Demanded by the dance music scene’s most prestigious locations too, he has demonstrated his live talents at the likes of Ministry of Sound, Space Ibiza and Analog NYC. He has also held, and continues to hold, residency roles across four continents, highlights his global recognition. Intense in his drive to perfect and in his passion for the genre, his innovative style is also carried under the alias IMIURU.

Returning the audio frequencies with “The Love Within” brings a traditional house format and ambiance, the higher tempo sits below a sumptuous vocal layer throughout. Providing an aurora of energy within the flowing bassline and melodic craft, Junior Sanchez has formed a mighty addition to the musical catagloue of UK label, IBZ Records.

You can get your very own copy of Junior Sanchez’ “The Love Within” today!

Expat living in New Zealand with a keen ear for the pure form of progressive house and a passion for the electronic scene in general. Fingers crossed you like this site as much as me!

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