Kaskade x Deadmau5 – Beneath With Me ft. Skylar Grey

Kaskade released his ninth studio album “Automatic” last year, and since then he has been on a studio production roll. Providing a flurry of diverse sounds, he has collaborated with the likes of New-York Based CID as well as Felix Cartal. A titan within the American scene, when his name appears next to the reputed abilities of Deadmau5, heads are turned and ears become curious. Now on their fourth version “Beneath With Me”, the previous three versions also attracted major attention and cumulatively millions of plays.

Following dance music classics such as “I Remember” and “Move For Me“, the majority of fans were in jubilation with news of a third collaboration. And while some were skeptical of ruining the aurora that has surrounded the two’s previous work, the official vocal version, and its accompanying video have quickly thrown that skepticism to sleep.

Polishing it into something catering for Skylar Grey’s haunting-yet-soothing voice, Kaskade and Deadmau5′ use of her drawn voice and lyrical sensitivity adds another dimension to the crafted instrument basis. Prolific for their melodic portfolio’s and capabilities, the duo form a darker progression to most tracks released in the sub-genre recently. Rising emphatically, it climaxes into surge of crisp beat and warped sounds. Dynamic in format also, the track brings a fulfilling atmosphere that should appease and be granted the appreciation of any dance music fan.

Available to purchase today, check out the track in full, and its video, below and let us know your thoughts!

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