kryder dogs acid

Kryder – Dogs On Acid

There hasn’t been a single DJ who has managed to influence the progressive house music scene in the last two years more than British mastermind Kryder. With the launch of his “Groove Cartel” movement a few years ago in an attempt to popularize the groovy, infectious, sounds of house music into modern-day EDM, Kryder has well beyond succeeded, bringing himself and a plethora of upcoming artists such as Corey James, Will K, Tom Tyger, and many more, to the spotlight. His own imprint, and a free one at that, called Sosumi Records, has come to be known as the “hub” of groove, relentlessly putting out club heaters on a very consistent basis.

Kryder celebrates the 50th release on Sosumi by coming back to his own label after almost two years, with a very special record called “Dogs On Acid“. The track features a dark, rolling bassline, and of course, as the name suggests, insane bursts of acid which drive the melody of the entire track. “Dogs On Acid” has been one of Kryder’s most anticipated releases, being spun in almost every one of his sets, and is sure to set the dancefloor on fire.

Dogs on Acid is out now and you can check out its preview below: