Laidback Luke

Laidback Luke creates own Facebook Messenger bot

Legendary powerhouse Laidback Luke has recently launched his own Messenger bot. Similar to his fellow Dutch producer Hardwell, Laidback Luke created a self-running bot through Facebook’s Messenger platform to interact with fans in an intimate manner.

Through this artificial intelligence, his supporters will be able to engage and ask specific questions that the bot would be able to interact with. However, this is only the first version of Laidback Luke’s bot as it is still under development. The bot was developed with the help of Brainitch, which is a company that focuses on developing conversational software.

This avenue of communication is not strictly for question and answers. Laidback Luke’s bot is also a part of the DJ’s campaign that would allow fans to win tickets for his upcoming birthday bashes.

In honor of his 40th birthday, the parties are to be held at the AIR nightclub in Amsterdam on the 18th of October and at Marquee, New York on the 22nd of October. Interacting with the newly launched bot would give fans the opportunity to win tickets for these parties and take part in Laidback Luke’s massive birthday celebrations.

You can check out his official bot here or scan the image below.


H/T: EDM Nations

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