Listen to Eric Prydz drop a number of new IDs at Escape

Eric Prydz is a man who’s both universally known and also respected by a number within dance music. The progressive-house master attracts fans from all sides of dance music for his mesmerising music and sets which almost always contain exclusively his own music as well as a number of unreleased tracks. Fans of the Swede will be well aware of the sheer quantity (and quality) of a number of tracks which have went unreleased for years from Prydz, and at his recent set at Escape he added a few more IDs to the collection.

Opening with a brand new progressive number which was recently teased on his Instagram account, Prydz blitzed through a catalogue of unreleased gems as well as some classics such as his remix of “Personal Jesus” and closing with the EPIC Mix of Pryda-The Gift. With the recent news of a new Pryda EP and the return of EPIC Radio, it looks as though Prydz’s Pryda alias could well be making a return to the forefront.

You can stream the full set below: