Lost Frequencies – What is Love 2016

The electronic music industry has seen a lot of re-makes of classic hits of late with electronic artists adding their own flare to hits we have heard a countless amount of times on the radio. Many may try but not all succeed in superseding the magic of the original track. It takes a quality producer to put an entirely different spin on a classic vocal song and truly make it his own. The entertaining aspect of it all is that this particular producer was not even born when the original track took over the charts. The track is ‘What is Love’ by Haddaway from 1993 and the talented young producer that took on the challenge 23 years later is Félix De Laet, better known to his fans as Lost Frequencies.

The Belgian talent-turned-superstar scored a massive hit with ‘Are You With Me’ two years ago and has been releasing consistent quality tracks since his first release. Between debut single ‘Are You With Me’, successor ‘Reality‘ and recent addition ‘Beautiful Life‘, Lost Frequencies was crowned with gold, platinum and double platinum in a few dozen countries, peaked at #1 in some of the world’s most acclaimed charts (including the UK Singles Charts), and accumulated over half a billion streams on Spotify alone.

What Is Love 2016‘ is the second new single off the star’s debut album ‘Less is More’ which is out on October 21st. The track is a fresh take on the hit song from Haddaway and although elements of it are quite familiar, the new version of the classic is a hit in its own right. The 23-year-old truly revived the vocal classic with beautiful and soft tropical elements and melodic aspects that we have learned to expect from the star. The track is bound for great heights of worldwide charts and will most certainly compete with the success of the original.

‘What Is Love 2016′ also comes with a full-fledged music video which features an inspiring story of the many types of love of a young man. Instead of choosing the conventional love between two partners, the video explores the love for family and a love for a particular passion – in this case, basketball. The video delves into the theme of losing and fighting for a love in life: whatever its form may be. The refreshing take on the track’s theme is to be expected of a trailblazer like Lost Frequencies who doesn’t follow trends but chooses instead to set them.

Next to these globally acclaimed and chart-topping singles, Lost Frequencies’ debut album ‘Less Is More’ features a lot of new productions. Throughout the album, the Belgian superstar spotlights his revered signature sound in a myriad of ways. We had a chance to chat to Felix exclusively in Ibiza who was kind enough to give us an insight into what we can expect from the album:

“I didn’t work with a lot of famous people. I worked with a lot of really cool unknown guys that have an amazing voice and amazing ideas. I have one guy that has 3 tracks on the album and another that has 2 tracks. When I have a vibe with someone I really like I just keep it on and we work on stuff together. The album has a kind of intimate vibe because it’s not about the big names –  it’s about the music. It’s going to be really cool to discover the whole story and music. I did a little book with all the lyrics because it’s important to me to put all the lyrics down so I’m really excited about everything about that.”

While we wait for the highly anticipated new album which will be released on Armada Music on October 21st, check out more of our fun chat with Félix and the inspirational video to the beautiful rendition of this classic:

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