Martin Garrix & Florian Picasso – Make Up Your Mind

Fresh off the back of winning the DJ Mag Top 100 poll, Dutch prodigy Martin Garrix has released the final of seven new tracks this week as a thank to fans for all of their support over the last twelve months. Entitled “Make Up Your Mind”, his latest is a collaboration with fresh talent Florian Picasso and has been a staple of Martin’s sets for a number of months now.

The electro-house beast of a tune opens up with a moving synth line which quickly progresses into a unique drop which is quite unlike anything we’ve heard before, a credit to both Garrix and Picasso for doing something a bit different on this track. The influence from a number of genres such as trap and electro can also be heard on this tune as well.

It’s easy to pick apart the sections produced by each producer as certain parts of the track contain either Picasso or Garrix’s signature production values. A complete banger of a track in general, this has to be one of the best out of the seven tracks released by Martin this week and one which has always been a big highlight during his sets recently.

You can stream the track in full below: