Martin Garrix makes a fan’s dream come true

Martin Garrix just gave one lucky fan the surprise of his life. Devoted Garrix fan, Chris McPhadden had bought tickets to Martin’s ADE show a few months ago as he feared they would sell out in a short period of time which in the case of the popular Martin Garrix would be a justified concern. The fan’s future expenses were unforeseen and he was unfortunately forced to cancel his plans. He could never have anticipated what would happen next and that the superstar DJ would in fact swoop in to save the day. Chris made a last ditch effort to tweet the superstar DJ, telling him about his situation.

“I bought the tickets to his show when they first went on sale because I was afraid they would sell out,” McPhadden said, “but I went to Sziget in Budapest in August, and traveled to America in September, and the flights had went up 300 euros, and I couldn’t afford them anymore, so I chanced my luck with Martin – and well, luck of the Irish he replied.” – Chris

The odds were not in his favor but in spite of it, Garrix replied. He promptly bought Chris return flights to Amsterdam and back to Dublin.

Next time, just tweet out your problems. You might get lucky!




Source: Dancing Astronaut