Martin Garrix’s protege Mesto signs exclusive deal with Spinnin’ Records

What a year 2016 has been for the new talents entering the scene! Martin Garrix’s protege Melle Stomp, aka Mesto, has recently signed an exclusive deal with Spinnin’ Records. Although you may not be familiar with his name, you would definitely recognize his work. This 17 year-old started out just like other young DJs – perfecting his production and mixing skills in his bedroom. In fact, he perfected his own unique sound by watching YouTube videos and the relentless trial and error method.

Mesto entered the scene with a massive collaboration with Martin Garrix and Justin Mylo, titled “BouncyBob”. His signature Melbourne Bounce flare truly added an exotic flavor to the track. Recognized by the public, “Bouncybob” has reached over 10 million views on YouTube alone.

On a more recent note, Mesto released a brand new track, titled “Tetris”. This track perfectly incorporated elements from both the melbourne bounce and the bass house genre. With a steady drum kick and a bassline that rings throughout your body, Mesto has most certainly caught the public’s attention.

Even though Martin Garrix parted ways with Spinnin’ Records last year, it seems like the label has recovered from this loss with the addition of Mesto to their roster. “This is amazing. I’ve always looked up to Spinnin’ Records, you could say it was one of my goals to end up at this label. To finally get signed here feels very, very rewarding,” said Mesto as he prepares for his upcoming shows at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event. Catch him at a party together with Mike Williams and Justin Mylo as well as the event Vato Gonzalez presents Dirty House.