Matisse & Sadko – Machine Gun

Following their major announcement regarding their brand new record label, Matisse & Sadko have just dropped their first-ever track on their recently launched MONoMARK Music. For the imprint’s inaugural single, the Russian duo released their overpowering bass house tune titled “Machine Gun”, which features the unique sound design Matisse & Sadko have become notorious for.

Known for their several charting singles, Matisse & Sadko are certainly household names within the entire electronic music scene. The St. Petersburg natives have collaborated in the past with some of the industry’s biggest powerhouses such as Arty, Martin Garrix, and Steve Angello. Since their massive breakthrough, Matisse & Sadko have carried their success over toward their Spinnin’ Records releases such as “Memories” and “Get Busy”, as well as some astounding remixes for the likes of Galantis and Afrojack.

Matisse & Sadko are now back in business with their own record label and a new track “Machine Gun”, which once again showcases the type of talents these two producers are. After passing the crowd-testing phase at prominent festivals like Ultra and Tomorrowland, this track has finally been released and is now prepared to take over every dance music enthusiast’s playlist.

Right off the bat, the waves of energy are immediately felt from the combination of heavy-hitting, distorted synths and lively vocals. The bullets continue to fire once the track transitions into the towering drop, which consists of some heart-pumping basslines and intimidating bass house sounds. “Machine Gun” surely delivers the rave environment right through the listener’s door and thus, this record not only proves Matisse & Sadko’s prowess but also kicks off the duo’s new label with a bang.

“Machine Gun” is out now on MONoMark Music and you can download/stream it here.