Michael Brun

Michael Brun – Jupiter ft. Roy English & Uni

Michael Brun is one of the scene’s most consistent performers. Hailing from the isle of Haiti, the globe-trotting DJ has impressed many of the industry’s elite with his artistic and crafted studio production.

Having only released “Summer Dreams” with Marcio Lama last month, Michael Brun’s latest track is another masterpiece that can line up along side other notable portfolio hit of his, including “All I Ever Wanted”, “Tongue Tied July” and “Check This Out”. Also reflective of his humanitarian side and loyalty to his homeland, his track, “Wherever I Go”, supported the Audio Institute & Artists for Peace and Justice movement. Ever-present and engaged with his fans on social media and in person, his actions off stage speaks volumes about his character.

Collaborating for a second time with Roy English, Michael Brun have also recruited the soft, velvety, vocals of Uni also. Combining superbly, the break beat prince certainly demonstrates his prowess. With thudding drums setting a rhythmic foundation to work off, the rich variety of layers help building towards a rather euphoric progressive.

Still fulfilling his distinctive sound with sharp synths and crisp elements within, Michael Brun shall forever remain a favorite within the music scene with output such as this.

Listen to the preview below and let us know your thoughts!

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