Nero & Skrillex – Promises (NICKYP Back To The Future Bootleg)

From being a rising talent to establishing himself as one of the industry’s prominent names, NICKYP has clearly come a long way within the dance music scene. The New York-based producer has also become versatile in his craft as he has continuously evolved his style into a more futuristic and unique sound. Heavily influenced by the electro house genre, his music possesses a dynamic approach with some implementations of future, bass, and tech house as well.

Combining these styles together, the American producer recently demonstrated his undeniable prowess through a mind-blowing new remix. With remixes for the likes of The Chainsmokers and Hardwell under his portfolio, NICKYP delivers another impressive rework of, this time, Nero and Skrillex’s 2011 hit “Promises”.

Prior to this release, NICKYP maintained his rapid incline to stardom with his bass house tune alongside YDER called “Bad Man Sound” and his solo production titled “Metallic”, which gained the support of numerous powerhouses such as Ummet Ozcan. Most recently, NICKYP solidified his high-ranking status with a hard-hitting track with Da Rave named “Monstra”, which has successfully made its waves through several American nightclubs.

With the momentum building up, NICKYP returned to the studio and decided to remix Nero and Skrillex’s “Promises”. Receiving the NICKYP treatment, this rendition presents an impeccable blend of electro, bass, future, and tech house and the groove that would be suitable for any rave environment.

Beginning with Nero’s renowned vocals and a melodic progression, this track immediately brings the listeners through a state of nostalgia. NICKYP’s Back To The Future Bootleg then builds up the energy and transitions into the mighty drop. Featuring a grimy bassline mixed with a flurry of plucks and synths, the climax is certainly capable of hyping up a crowd and causing the audience to dance to the beat.

NICKYP’s remix is now available and you can download a copy below: