Noisia’s “Collider” to receive a deadmau5 remix

Noisia, stylized as NOISIΛ (‘VISION’ rotated 180°) are a prominent Dutch trio in the Drum ‘n’ Bass scene. A few months ago, their latest album Outer Edges was revealed; it was received with massive applause across the electronic community. So much so that deadmau5 has handpicked the tune, “Collider” as something to remix. The electro-infused anthem is a dark and eerie underground anthem that’s packing some serious heat. Now with deadmau5 taking a swing at Collider, we can only imagine the possibilities.

Noisia are often referred to as the “Kings of Drum ‘n’ Bass” and it’ll be quite interesting to see how deadmau5′ sounds collide with their world. The rumors began when Zimmerman was conducting his routine Twitch sessions; he played around with a tune that had some significant similarities with Colliders. Joel later confirmed the rumors on Reddit when a fan pointed it out; only saying, “I’m remixing it for them.”

It’s safe to say then that the remix is going to be an official. No dates or further information are available at this moment but we’ll make sure to keep you in the loop of things.