Oliver Heldens

Oliver Heldens launches soft drink brand in The Netherlands

Oliver Heldens does not strictly stick to his work inside the studio or behind the DJ decks. He quite often likes to break boundaries and recently, he showed his desire for other opportunities once again as he had just announced that he is launching his own soft drink brand.

Named Deep Sparkling Water, Heldens’ new venture is set to be officially presented to the public by the Dutchman himself inside the Albert Heijn Vleuterweide supermarket in Vleuten, Netherlands. As a result of this feat, Heldens will become the first DJ to launch his very own drink.

According to the Dutch magazine Party Scene, Heldens stands for a healthy lifestyle, which he wants to pass on to younger generations. This idea led to the development of the natural and energetic drink that the deep and future house producer is set to launch next week.

The Deep Sparkling Water drink contains natural fruit sugars and flavors from elderflower, cucumber, and mint alongside a slight bubble. These flavors were chosen by Heldens himself and fans will soon get a taste of this drink once its sales begin on October 10th at Albert Heijn Vleuterweide.

The official launch, however, will be on October 15th in which Heldens will be having a “meet and greet” and an autograph session with fans.

Source: Party Scene