Otray – When I Rock

Otray is definitely a name worth looking out for in the near future. During the early stages of his career, this upcoming talent has already displayed his wide array of skills in music production. With his brilliant projects, Otray has successfully garnered the support of many fans and has proven that he belongs in this always expanding industry.

Last month, listeners from across the globe were able to get a little taste of Otray’s signature sounds. The Austrian producer released his heart-pumping track titled “Bounce This”, which features a unique blend of Melbourne bounce and rock styles. The fusion of these musical elements is not the most common combination in existence but it is due to this reason that makes Otray stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Recently, the Österreich-based talent dropped another festival banger that has been receiving nothing but praise from its audience. Titled “When I Rock”, this track features the Melbourne bounce sounds that Otray has perfected to a T, as well as some hints of electro and progressive house elements.

With its raucous synths and hard-hitting basslines, “When I Rock” presents an insurmountable amount of energy that would be capable of invigorating an entire crowd of any magnitude. A beautifully-designed melodic progression also bridges the track’s two climatic sequences together, which suitably completes this overpowering Melbourne bounce tune from Otray.

“When I Rock” is now available for a free download here.