Porter Robinson to enter the world of Anime

2016 has seen a wide variety of artists expand their horizons by pushing their brands beyond the boundaries of music. We saw producers diving into the gaming industry, the fashion world and much more. Porter Robinson is the latest to join that list with a surprising new endeavour, an anime film.

Porter plans to extend his Shelter tour and music concept (in collaboration with Madeon) by diving into the world of film. Working together with the likes of A-1 Pictures, the producers behind Fairy Tale the Movie, Saint Young Men, The Anthem of the Heart and more. The Japanese influence on this project doesn’t come as too much of a surprise as Porter’s practically been living in Tokyo for the last two years, picking up the language and some musical culture in the process.

We’re still not sure if the animation is simply an official music video or an extended movie designed to boost all of Shelter’s sub projects. Shelter the Animation will be out on the 18th of October, so we can clear up our suspicions rather quickly.