Home Uncategorized Premiere: Erlandsson feat. Kédo Rebelle – Summer Night [Remix Album]
Last June, one of Sweden’s

Premiere: Erlandsson feat. Kédo Rebelle – Summer Night [Remix Album]

Home Uncategorized Premiere: Erlandsson feat. Kédo Rebelle – Summer Night [Remix Album]

Last June, one of Sweden’s brightest upcoming talents delivered an astounding melodic house track that successfully kicked off his career. Erlandsson, who was formerly a member of the duo Gson & Abley, ensured that the summer season was blissful and sunny with his debut track titled “Summer Night”, which features the vocals of singer Kédo Rebelle.

Four months after its release, the single has received an official remix package from a highly impressive cast of music producers. The album features the brilliant remakes from Canadian talent Dustin Miles, 18-year-old Stockholm native B3nte, Swedish duo RudeLies, and Norwegian up-and-comer Peter Posession.

Beginning with Dustin Miles remix, this track keeps the uplifting vibes the original version possesses and blends in some heartwarming melodic sequences. Alongside these progressions, a series of chords and synths also mesh together to perfection, topped with Rebelle’s striking vocals. Especially when the drop hits, an immense surge of energy is sent out, which overall makes this an impeccable remix to listen to.

Moving on to B3nte’s rendition, the energy is definitely amped up to extreme levels. This remix presents the style of Melbourne Bounce that is capable of lighting up a crowd of any magnitude. With its hard-hitting basslines and heavy synths, this tune would be fitting for any festival or nightclub environment.

RudeLies remix keeps the ball rolling as it consists of some well-designed chords and vocal chops that wrap up into an incredible listening experience from start to finish. The lovely guitar riffs playing along with Rebelle’s vocals also cause this track to be a must-hear production for any dance music enthusiast.

Peter Posession’s charming take on Erlandsson’s “Summer Night” nicely concludes this remix album with its euphoric melodies and chords. Mixed with some tropical house elements, this track not only maintains the cheerful vibes from the original version but also includes an extra punch that would energize and rejuvenate any listener.

The remix package for Erlandsson’s “Summer Night” featuring Kédo Rebelle is now available and you can check out the exclusive We Rave You premiere below.

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