Jacky Greco feat. Snoop Dogg, Arlissa, & JakkCity – Blow

Jacky Greco continues to impress the dance music community with his always creative and dynamic ways of producing content. Over the years, Greco has become one of the most sought-after DJ’s and producers in the business and has achieved international acclaim as a result of his tremendous work.

Showing his versatility to the world once again, the Italian talent has recently collaborated with some of the music industry’s most prominent names. For his latest record, he joins forces with American hip-hop legend Snoop Dogg, pop vocalist Arlissa, and United Kingdom-based singer JakkCity.

The track is titled “Blow” and it features an astonishing concoction between pop and dance music elements. Especially with the impeccable combination of Greco’s instrumentals with Snoop Dogg, Arlissa, and JakkCity’s respective vocals, expect “Blow” to soon climb the music charts at a rapid rate.

Teaming up with a superstar such as Snoop Dogg is quite an incredible feat for any artist. This collaboration simply shows how far Jacky Greco has grown and expanded his craft within this industry. Alongside Arlissa and JakkCity, who have started to gain massive fame in their own right, the talents involved with this production have clearly created what could possibly be one of the year’s biggest releases.

Commenting on his latest release, Jacky Greco said:

“Who wouldn’t want the chance to work with Snoop. For me it’s a dream come true. Arlissa and JakkCity also make ‘Blow’ possible and bring the song to heights that we couldn’t touch without them. It’s refreshing to be able to show another side of what I’m capable of as a Producer and musician. Expect this kind of energy to continue to be all over my work”.

Right off the bat, “Blow” captures the audience’s attention with the chord and melodic progressions that blend nicely alongside Snoop Dogg’s vocals. With the instrumentals building up, Arlissa’s vocals then ensue, which brings out the pop-influence the track possesses. JakkCity also delivers his striking vocals to the plate and completes this overall brilliant and energetic production from Jacky Greco.

“Blow” is now available on Kontor Records here, check out the track below: