Premiere: Son of 8 & Phats & Small – With Every Heartbeat (Official Music Video)

Adding to the seemingly unending flurry of tracks that have been remade and churned out for all to enjoy yet again, here is the House duo Son of 8 and fellow English dance music hotshots Phats & Small, consisting of Jason “Phats” Hayward and Ben Ofoedu, combining together to give their rendition of Swedish singer Robyn‘s 2005 hit ‘With Every Heartbeat’.

Released on Spinnin’s House Music centered sub-label SPRS, one of 40 sub-labels under the Electronic Music Industry giant, the track had made quite a name for itself in the House circles as it  headed for release. Coupled with a great vibe altogether, the infectious sound from the two collaborating artists puts the original on a higher pedestal in itself while taking nothing away from their own interpretation of it, one which we have all come around to trust as impressive.

And it wasn’t just so that Spinnin’ took the contract to the duos, it was only after assured success across a large amount mainstream stations on UK FM that Spinnin’ felt that the track needed a bigger platform. And with release of an exclusively premiered Music Video below, it assuredly has got some platform to perform on. How it performs is a story to be scripted on the charts but as for now, here is a beautifully crafted video for the track for you to enjoy!

Purchase the single here from Son of 8 and Phats & Small!

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