Premiere: Tommie Sunshine & Halfway House Feat. Sarah Hudson – Can’t Get Enough (Flatdisk Remix)

After the success of Tommie Sunshine & Halfway House‘s hit, ‘Can’t Get Enough‘ featuring Sarah Hudson, Ultra Records have announced the release of a remix package for the track. The original record was conceived when legendary veteran producer Tommie Sunshine teamed up with Vegas-based duo Halfway House and singer/songwriter Sarah Hudson, who previously co-wrote ‘Black Widow’ for Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora, and ‘Dark Horse’ for Katy Perry. The pumping, feel-good track quickly became one of Tommie’s most popular tracks, having already amassed 2 million streams on Spotify since its release at the start of the season.

We Rave You had a chance to chat to Tommie Sunshine about the new track and he shared his delight at its massive success:

“Well, we all know that Spotify is the future of the music business so a high marked achievement there tells me that I’m ready for the future & the future is ready for me too.”

The collaboration with Sarah Hudson was years in the making and the superstar producer has always admired her talent. He explains:

“I met her when she was in Ultraviolet Sound with Brillz at a Perez Hilton Party at SXSW, I’d say that was 2008. I knew from seeing that one performance that both her & Brillz were superstars. We stayed in touch & in 2012 she delivered the top line to a beat I wrote with Disco Fries. We messed with it for a while & we could never get the vibe right so it got shelved. I took that vocal into sessions with DallasK, Zac Waters and a few others and everyone passed on it. I never gave up on it and when I played it for Halfway House we wrote the track around it in an afternoon. It was was of the fastest sessions I’ve ever been a part of. Halfway House are the fastest moving & most creative studio musicians I’ve ever had the pleasure to work alongside.”

With such a massive career, there are still things that are unaccomplished for the hit-maker. Tommie Sunshine delves into his future plans:

“I’ve got releases this month on Ultra, one on my imprint Brooklyn Fire, my new one with Chocolate Puma drops on Heldeep and one I can’t even discuss yet because it’s a secret & it will drop before Amsterdam Dance Event. I have originals that will continue to come out until the end of the year, well into next year and my sights are set on season two of my show on Red Bull TV “After The Raves“.  Really looking forward to Amsterdam Dance Event this year. I’m on 4 panels, one of which I put together with Austin Kramer of Spotify, Ali Shakeri of ToneDen, Mike Darlington of Monstercat, Matt Adell of MetaPop and Henry Lu of Space Yacht called ‘The Future of North American Music (Business)’. My label Brooklyn Fire is also doing a showcase of our International talent with 17 acts playing from all over the globe.”

One of the most outstanding remixes from the “Can’t Get Enough” remix package comes from blogosphere favorites Flatdisk, an Italian duo who channel their classical training by sampling live steel drums and flutes over the gentle bassline of their version.

The duo has aimed high and released prominent tracks on Universal Music, Revealed Recordings, Armada Music, Sosumi Records, Mixmash Records, and Flamingo Records and has received direct support from the likes of Martin Garrix, Tiesto, Steve Angello, David Guetta, Don Diablo, Nicky Romero and beyond. Alongside the support by industry heavyweights, Flatdisk came out on top of Revealed Recordings’ Beatport remix competition as Hardwell and his dedicated label team handpicked the Italians as overall winners.

Tommie Sunshine loved the brand new spin on the massive track:

” It’s always amazing to hear what people do with your parts. I started out as a remixer so I understand the remixer brain. There is such freedom in remixing and most artists push beyond their bounds when they don’t have the pressure of an original to live up to. When I asked Flatdisk for a mix I expected a big room monster & they delivered this super groovy, kicked-back House jam. I couldn’t have been more pleased.”

We Rave You has the pleasure to bring you the premiere of the Flatdisk remix of this massive tune. Check it out below and order it from 7 October.

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