Generation Hex ADE Sampler (Preview)

Featuring 10 tracks from some of the most up and coming Future House producers, the Generation Hex ADE Sampler is due to be released this month. With music from the likes of Madison Mars, Toby Green,  and Bali Bandits, and an edit from label boss Don Diablo, the sampler is abundant with talent. It is set to be released on Don Diablo’s record label Hexagon, which is known for being one of the most high profile labels in Future House. Hexagon takes pride in nurturing emerging talent, bringing stand-out producers into the spotlight and showcasing their music.

‘Tell Me Why’ by Sagan, the first track on the sampler, begins with a euphoric piano chord progression,  accompanied by catchy vocals, developing into the heavy-hitting drop. Filled with energy throughout, this certainly starts the sampler off with a bang. This is followed by ‘Put Em Up’, an uplifting anthem from Madison Mars. ‘Put Em Up’ is a highly energetic track which has all the components of a Future House hit. During the song, Madison Mars’ signature style comes to life,  with all of the combined elements coming together to create a powerful drop.

‘Remedy’ by Landis, the third track on the sampler, is a much lighter tune with higher pitched vocals throughout and an even happier vibe, certain to make the listener feel uplifted. Similarly, the next track ‘Take Me Away’ by Jonas Aden & Brooks is a happy light-hearted track with depth to it, which will not only have crowds going crazy but provoke an emotional reaction too. The drop stands out as highly euphoric with its’ cheerful melody. A more vocal based track, ‘Fever’ by Dropgun & Farleon is much deeper with a heavy bassline. This one is definitely going to go down well in a club environment. This is followed by Don Diablo’s edit of ‘Back To You’ by Ryan Blyth & Duane Harden. With possibly the heaviest bassline on the sampler, this edit is going to have the walls shaking in any club it hits. This track is certain to have crowds dancing, with its’ groovy bassline and catchy tune.

The next track, ‘Oh Baby’ by Bali Bandits, is another more cheerful song, with light vocals and a bouncy drop. This is followed by ‘Little Big Adventure’ by Going Deeper, another high-spirited track guaranteed to make the listener happy. It is difficult not to love this cheery tune. ‘I Was Here’ by VNDY VNDY, the 9th track on the sampler, is slightly deeper, with a bassline that hits you straight in the chest. One of the most stand-out tracks on the sampler is ‘High’ by Toby Green, which has an explosive drop. This Future House monster is guaranteed to go down well with fans. The track is much more aggressive than the others on the sampler, which will likely create mayhem whenever it is played.

The Generation Hex ADE Sampler is due to be released on Hexagon on October 21st, one day after their event, ElectroNow x Hexagon, which will take place at JimmyWoo in Amsterdam.

Listen to the 30-minute preview mix of the Generation Hex ADE Sampler below.

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