Relive Martin Garrix’s best week of 2016

At just 20 years old, Martin Garrix has introduced listeners on an international level to the power of electronic music. His releases are infectiously memorable, and allow fans into his risk taking world; all which has pushed the scene farther than ever before. With a mere 4 years under his belt, the “Animals” mastermind isn’t showing any signs of stoping. Keeping all who follow on their toes, this week in particular has been a monstrous one for the Dutch native.

Not only was Garrix crowned DJ Mags #1 spot for their top 100 countdown, the producer also introduced 7 new track off his label STMPD RCRDS. During his week at  Amsterdam’s Dance Event, Garrix decided to exceed expectation and release a week span of singles all showcasing the talent on his hush-hush label. If that’s not enough, the 28th of this month he will also release an original single from the label with the one and only Lione. 7 Days with 7 new tracks, and did we mention he also performed two 3-hour shows during RAI Amsterdam? Garrix surely gave his all this October week.

The 7 tracks, all involving extremely talented individuals, have been put live on Garrix’s Soundcloud page for fans to enjoy. With the label as intriguing as it is unique, a huge factor promoting the success of STMPD is the sheer fact it highlights genres from all walks of music. In an interview done before his Ultra set this year, Garrix explained it as follows,

“You can expect everything from the label. It can have rappers and hip-hop to indie pop, trap music to electronic house music. It can be everything. I’m 19 years old and I don’t need to make any more money. What I really want to do with the label is to make a platform for other artists and boost new talent into the world. I’ve received the most amazing demos, I’ve worked in the studio with some of these talents just for their projects depending what they want or depending on what I want, and I just bought my new office space in Amsterdam two days ago. Now we’re expanding the team and finding people who will work for STMPD Records.

Like with “Now That I’ve Found You,” I hoped for good feedback because it was the first release on the label and the feedback was absolutely ridiculous. It charted worldwide and we didn’t even start the radio promo yet from the label. It was only pushed by my own social media. For me it’s all super exciting and now with Ultra coming up I’m going to play a lot of new music, a lot of new, different genres, and I want it to be a showcase for the label that every type of music is possible for it.”

On behalf of WRY, we all tip our hats to Martin Garrix on his successes in 2016, and only hope the best for in years to come. For more information on STMPD RCRDS, click here for its official Soundcloud page.

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