Steve Angello

Steve Angello reveals his personal philosophy regarding today’s society

Steve Angello has forever remained one of the most influential and appealing names in dance music. The Swedish don has more than earned his dues in the dance world after years upon years of tireless hard work in order to stake his claim as one of the genre’s greats. Always one to voice his opinion, the former Swedish House Mafia member has recently taken to Instagram to tell the world how he currently feels about modern society.

In a drawn out post, the Swede said that the modern world “don’t respect the people that built our space” and that “we value money and fame… most of the people I know want to become rich… people forget what it takes! The sacrifice, the hours, the hard truth of being successful.” In a somewhat inspirational post, Steve reminds us of the values of hard work and respect and that in today’s society it’s easy to forget how much sacrifice is needed to become successful. With all of the various social media platforms around many want to make their life look like the best in the virtual world while forgetting to look after their actual life first. We’ve become a society to focused on likes and comments indicating success as opposed to actual hard work.

You can read the full Instagram post from the man himself below:

I’ve had a couple of days to reflect on the world as I see it. We have created a place that we think is ideal for success and fortune but we’ve forgotten how the world we ware brought up in was created, lots of people don’t respect the people that built our space, and the kids that will grow up in the place we created will be either disappointed or overshadowed by darkness, we lift idiots and support nonsense, we don’t have the values and respect our parents and their parents had towards each-other, we value money and fame as they valued life and innovation, most of the people I know want to become rich before thinking how many incredible things you can build to get there, people forget what it takes! The sacrifice, the hours, the hard truth of being successful. It’s easy to see someone and say “I want to be like that” without having any idea of the struggle or background to the story. I’ve built companies, I’ve built careers, I’ve written my own story and created my own history, I’ve achieved greatness, I’ve become rich, I’ve lost friends, i have made some amazing friend, I’ve wasted time, had the best time of my life, I’ve crashed, I’ve failed, I’ve fallen, but I always get up! I always wake up with a calm of knowing no matter what I’ll always survive! Nothing can stop me! My vision is harder than solid rock, my strength will break any fall, and my heart will survive any heartbreak! With all that said – please think about the future of our kids! Do what’s right! – for them! Not us! We’ll change the world! Not alone but together! So it doesn’t matter if it all burns today cause with the power of unity we can kill any fire! Much Love S—A

A photo posted by Steve Angello (@steveangello) on Oct 4, 2016 at 12:35pm PDT