Watch: Headhunterz gets vocal about fan altercation

With the full story behind what happened finally released, Headhunterz leading man Willem Rebergen took to Facebook this past Thursday where he vented about a complication between a concertgoer and himself:

“Haters don’t belong at festivals where people come to celebrate and forget about negativity in their daily lives.
So that’s what I told this guy yelling at me and giving me middle fingers. Full story in tomorrow’s vlog.”

With tons of support from fans following the post, it’s obvious Rebergen’s positive light shed on festival etiquette is resonating with fans. Standing as his second vlog release, Rebergen uses this platform to explain his unique production flair, relying heavily on melody and just how powerful it is during the song making process. The 14-minute video follows him around allowing fans to get a more intimate sense of his EDM world and his travels from Canada to Kansas, City. Here, he plays for a small crowd of devoted fans. As the video progresses it goes into further detail about the viewer complication and just exactly how he handled it.

Overall the message is clear and really helps define electronic music’s culture, and the positive experiences surrounding it.

For full coverage, check the video below and let us know what you think.

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