Zedd’s upcoming documentary ‘True Colors’ is now available for pre-order

Like any famous musician, there comes a turning point in one’s career where the fame exceeds expectation and the idea to share knowledge in an intimate light comes to fruition. From Beyonce to Katy Perry, The Rolling Stones, and Nirvana, documentaries have been a crucial landmark in the world of music. Not only do they traffic in viewers, new and old, it’s the first official time a new medium of art is used to express emotion. Vlogs and video series have been done by many in the electronic music world, but aside from Steve Aoki’sI’ll Sleep When I’m Dead‘, no EDM artist taken video as serious as this.

After the release of his social media stirring album True Colors, Grammy- Winner Zedd has finally revealed the pre-order link to his upcoming documentary, ‘True Colors’; directed by Susan Bonds and Alex Lieu. Titled after his newest album, the German star has done an excellent job over the years keeping a positive image in the media, and continuously releasing hit after hit allowing the genre to gain momentum most thought would never happen. He is, without a doubt, an icon in the industry and what better way to pay tribute to his past than distribute a film dedicated around what morally pushes the artist to perseverance on the daily.

In an industry with hundreds of new talent taking to the production boards each day, ‘True Colors’ will most certainly be an eye opening testate to his almost decade long career. From the traitor released on Zedd’s personal Facebook below, we all can assume the path the feature film will follow throughout. From his musically inclined childhood to groundbreaking record sales, the electro-house superstar seems at ease letting his fans into his personal endeavours, trials, and tribulations.

Premiered at the LA Film Festival this past June, the documentary is now officially available on pre-order on iTunes here. Check out the trailer below and let us know your thoughts on the film!

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