Armin van Buuren’s “Youtopia” turns 5 years old today

Throughout his notorious career, Armin van Buuren has provided us with a plethora of memorable moments. Whether he delivered an awe-inspiring performance on a big stage or released a heart-touching new single, this Dutch legend will forever live on as one of the best DJ’s and producers in the business.

Van Buuren is highly renowned for his remarkable portfolio as an artist. He has made an array of hits from the likes of “Serenity”, “In and Out of Love”, and “This Is What It Feels Like”. From his lengthy list of singles, another particular track to note would be his collaboration with Owl City’s singer Adam Young called “Youtopia”, which celebrates its five-year anniversary today.

Part of Van Buuren’s 2010 studio album titled ‘Mirage’, this single is truly one of the most unforgettable records under his name. With its catchy synths and melodies coinciding with Young’s charming vocals, this track is quite a delight to hear from beginning to end. Especially with a little hint of pop elements, it is no surprise how much support “Youtopia” has accumulated from fans since its release.

Relive Armin van Buuren’s “Youtopia” below with its official music video.