Avicii’s remix of Tiësto’s “Escape Me” turns 7 years old

Avicii is unquestionably one of the entire dance music scene’s biggest legends. From the beginning of his career to today, this Swedish artist has evolved into a complete mastermind in the realm of music production. The quality of his tracks speaks for itself, especially with the immense amount of success he has accumulated from it.

Throughout his illustrious career, Avicii has consistently released one hit after another, which evidently placed him to superstardom. From the notorious “Levels” to his collaboration with Nicky Romero called “I Could Be the One” and from the iconic “Wake Me Up” to last year’s “Waiting For Love”, Avicii’s discography is truly one of the best in the business.

Unfortunately, the fame Avicii has achieved from these hits often overshadows some of his earlier work. During his early beginnings, the Stockholm-native provided some outstanding remixes such as his takes on Nadia Ali’s “Rapture” and David Guetta’s “One Love”. One particular remix that stands out, however, is his stunning rendition of Tiësto’s classic with C.C. Sheffield called “Escape Me”, which recently celebrated its 7-year anniversary.

With the combination of the original version’s renowned vocals and Avicii’s signature melodies, this remix is quite captivating to hear. The track takes us through a magical journey with its eye-opening progressive house sounds and brings out a smile with its blissful and uplifting vibes. Especially with some of Tiësto’s elements intact, it is great to witness two of the industry’s legends have their styles blended into one absolute masterpiece.

Relive Avicii’s remix below: