The Chemical Brothers – C-h-e-m-i-c-a-l

Having dominated the 90s and 00s with some truly ground-breaking and game-changing records, it’s safe to say that UK duo The Chemical Brothers are one of the most successful and influential groups electronic music has ever seen. Their eclectic sound of big beat meant that they became pioneers at bringing the genre to the forefront of popular culture with legendary anthems such as Hey Boy, Hey Girl and Star Guitar.

Following a heavy touring schedule in 2016 which seen the group play at practically every major festival in the world, they’re back with a brand new single entitled “C-h-e-m-i-c-a-l.” This track has featured in a couple of their sets over the past few years and finally is seeing the light of day. The vocal laiden track begins by calling out the title of the track but this soon turns into a hard hitting drop section accompanied by some wild acid type synths which is typical of The Chemical Brothers productions.

The acid type synths rise adding tension before the initial vocal sample comes back into play. As expected this is a pure dance-floor destroyer from the group and combines a mixture of sounds into a radio-friendly track which also works in the clubs and festivals too.

You can listen to the track from Spotify below: