deadmau5 premieres enchanting new track “4ware”

deadmau5 and his musical productions are always things that create a flurry of excitement, and more often that not, provide a great sense of fulfillment upon listening to them.

Following the announcement of his eighth studio album, his loyal following and many dance music fans alike have been anticipating an official preview of the LP. Coming in the form than a premiere on BBC Radio 1 with non other than industry legend Pete Tong, the polished version of “4ware” his the airwaves.

Titled ‘W:/2016ALBUM’, the LP will be tied in with his fascinating new cube concept over the coming months. Named with the satire humour deadmau5 is renowned for, it is an album that was predominately created over the course of a couple of years in between commitments, as opposed to dedicated studio sessions.

Describing the track as “…an 80s sci-fi fantasy film vibe to some of the melodies,”, deadmau5 went on to explain the tracks inspiration sourced from his purchase of a Prophet 10. Drawing a distinct vibe from it, the album as a whole is set to feature a number of sound selections with nostalgic connotations.

Fully mastered in his distinguished style, the progressive chords still don’t cease to tire when they are done to such an immaculate level. Forming an absorbing atmosphere in its overall effect, the track is set to be a favourite from the album.

Due to be released on the 2nd of December, check out the premiere of “4ware” and brief interview with Pete Tong below!

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