Deadmau5 shares private production files during livestream

Deadmau5 is well known for his live streams, streaming anything from playing games to studio sessions. However, most recently, he decided to stream something he has never streamed before. He decided to trawl through the depths of his computer and look through as many files as he could while sipping coffee (It wouldn’t be a Deadmau5 stream if it didn’t involve coffee!)

The stream itself lasted around eight hours which is a huge amount of time to just be scrolling through files. These files included a massive range of stuff, from unreleased music (and may not even be released!) to rare samples and loops that Deadmau5 has collected and created over the years, even goes through files that date back to the start of his career!

Deadmau5 kept the stream humerous to keep the viewers engaged. One funny moment included him deleting a copy of a 2013 unreleased album for his ex fiancé Kat Von D which you can watch below:

Another highlight included him revealing what was inside the ‘SECRET PORN FOLDER’:

Next up we have a picture of a list of unreleased music, involving 20 tracks, could this indicate that a new album is on its way?


Check out the full stream in the link below (that’s if you have a spare eight hours, or you can just flick through the video finding interesting points):