Deadmau5 unveils ‘W:/2016Album’ minimix

Recently announcing his latest and eighth studio album, Deadmau5 and his label Mau5trap are continuing to present fans and dance music fans alike with ample content.

Primed for release on 2nd of December, five days away, Deadmau5 has already voiced his disappointment over the body of work. But with that being said, the variety and quality that has been released and leaked implies otherwise. And when you’re at the helm of a Masterclass for electronic dance music, your self-imposed standards can be very difficult to reach and replicate.

With extended progressive pieces sitting alongside hip Hip-Hop collaboration with Grime MC Shotting Horroh, Deadmau5′ diversification and exploration have proved to work wonders. With know tracks such as “Okay” and “Let Go“, the minimix below reveals a small insight into the completed works individual and overall atmosphere’s and sounds.

Featuring rasping synths, gentle melodic overlays and more down tempo compositions to usual, there is a little something for every listener within the album. Filled with enriching build up’s, surging progressions and upbeat rises, the extended format of his tracks provides ample satisfaction.

Available for Pre-Order today, check out the ‘W:/2016Album’ minimix below and let us know your thoughts on the latest Deadmau5 offering!

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