deadmau5’s classic “Sofi Needs A Ladder” celebrates its 6th anniversary today

Love him or hate him, Deadmau5 carries a portfolio’s with an undeniable pedigree. A raw creative among a dance music scene often guilty of formula’s, the Canadian could well be one of the anti-hero’s.

Never afraid to voice his opinion, and often open about his purist approach to the creation and performance of music, his charisma and down-to-earth perspective is a major element of his loyal fans admiration. Continually surrounded by excitement with his new material, sometimes revisiting Deadmau5′ esteemed catalogue can bring just as much satisfaction.

Having its sixth anniversary yesterday, “Sofi Needs a Ladder” still remains one the distinctive producers most distinctive tracks. Acting as third single from the reputed album ‘4×4=12’, the tracks vocal layer was provided by German-Greek singer/rapper, Sofia Toufa. Featuring the rebellious lyrical content many of his tracks are characterized by, the tracks plucky melody and driving distortion give way interplay with a building drum beat.

Premiered by Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1, the track went on the receive the Juno Award for Best Dance Recording for the following year, adding deserved recognition for Deadmau5 himself. Having gone on to feature in an array of media formats including computer games, TV shows and even movies, it still remains one of his most notable tracks.

Relive the nearly-seven minute track below and let us know your memories!

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