Dear David – Fever

Dear David is a rising star hailing from the dance music hot-spot of Stockholm, in Sweden. Attracting the attention of the biggest names in the industry early on, he has only continued his elevating route.

Orientated around producing ‘true’ House music, he provides a deeper sound palate and techno elements within his ever-expanding portfolio. With his first release, “I’ve Been Waiting”, receiving the Pete Tong first play premiere treatment on BBC Radio 1, it acted as a nod to his creativity and distinct edge. Catchy in its top line, the track went on to dominate the House Chart on Beatport and frequented the radio waves worldwide. 

Going on to form a raw remix Cazzette’s “Sleepless”, his time in the reputed underground DJ booths certainly showed. Loyal to the club scene that has influenced him so much, Dear David has impressed many respect figures in the scene. Articulate in his output and consistent in its quality, his latest original studio productions inclusion on Axwell’s Weekend Weapons playlist on Spotify speaks volumes.

An ominous composition, the driving deep house melody keeps the rhythmic underlay in check for the dancefloor. Using an infectious twisted vocal, Dear David certainly shows his prowess.

Check out the full preview below and grab your copy today!

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