Dillon Francis

Dillon Francis unveils progression of upcoming LP

Dillon Francis is a fan favourite within the dance music scene. Reflected in the warm reception received for his collaborative track with Will Heard, his recent interview with Australian radio station, Triple J, also brought out details of his future musical endeavors.

“Right now yeah, I’m working on an album. Or I guess it’s like an LP, like seven to eight songs I think.”

Undoubtedly set to please a number of fans, he also went on to elaborate on his film career desires. And while exciting, its Dillon Francis’ wizardry behind the studio instruments that many are now after:

“For the LP/Album I want to make, I actually want to work more with Latin artists and do more stuff that’s very Spanglish, Moombahton style. I just really want to make something that’s cohesive, because the last album that I made [Money Sucks, Friends Rule], I feel like it was really all over the place, so this is the concept I want to go with and I really want people to listen to it and go, ‘nailed it.’”

Elaborating earlier this year that if he were to make a sophomore album, it would be in the sound range similar to “Anywhere” with Will Heard. Pursuing a cohesive sound, its the broader atmospheric connections throughout the upcoming album we can expect to enjoy.

Have a listen to the full interview with Triple J here.

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