DJs react to the US Presidential election result

Following the results of the US Presidential Election, the dance music world has been reacting across social media. This morning it was announced that Donald Trump would be the next US President which has caused mixed reactions from DJs, with some of the biggest names giving their opinions. Some were more subtle with their views, while others were more forthcoming with their thoughts.

Some artists had been clear on their opinion for a while, with Zedd having tweeted earlier in the year about his plans to move back to Germany, should Trump become elected. Today, he followed this up by tweeting a photo of his passport, leading to speculation from fans that the German superstar may in fact be moving back to his home country.

Dillon Francis was also very open about his opinion, launching into a series of angry tweets, expressing his disappointment following the result.

In a slightly more lighthearted tone, deadmau5 took to Twitter, joking about some new tour dates with an image that showed the states that voted in favour of Hilary Clinton.

Here are some more reactions from the dance music world, with some DJs expressing their opinion more strongly than others.

The reactions that emerged from the top DJs were surprisingly varied. Some artists decided to stay mute regarding the result, an understandable decision considering the divisiveness of the election, while others stated their opinion openly. It is safe to say, the result has certainly caused a stir among the community.

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