DubVision’s “Turn It Around” was released 2 years ago today

DubVision have established themselves as some of the modern princes of melody and progressive house. The Dutch brothers have acquired a knack for producing a fulfilling track portfolio, and its been two years since one of their finest displays of studio production was released.

Mostly native to Spinnin’ Records other notable hits include “Backlash”, “I Found Your Heart”, “Heart” and “Yesterday is Gone”. Devolving from their typical progressive sound in recent times, their experimentation has garnered significant praise. However, some things are too goo to every forget, and “Turn It Around” is one of those tracks.

Supported by numerous DJ/Producers in the elite realm of dance music, the heavenly melodic composition is one for the ages. Topped with tentative and harmonic vocals, they add an evocative polish to the overall atmosphere. A major hit on the summer circuits two years ago, the high caliber production and crisp individual sounds amalgamated into something timeless.

Energetic in its synth selection and paced in its energy release, DubVision hit the nail on the head with “Turn It Around”. Forever a fan favourite, for dance music in general, the track still makes its may into mashups even today.

Relive the nostalgia below and let us know your memories!

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