Dzeko & Torres

Dzeko & Torres keep fans guessing with recent posts anticipating changes

Dzeko & Torres are a household name within the dance music scene. Rising from humble beginnings in 2009 they have amassed an impressive portfolio with a flurry of iconic tracks and nostalgic atmospheres.

Based in Canada, the DJ/Production duo of Julian Dzeko and Luis Torres have formed tracks such as their reputed remix of Odesza’s “All We Need”, “L’Amour Toujours” in collaboration with Tiesto,”Care For Me” with Hellberg, and more recently “Home”. Topping the Beatport charts in their time, their progressive mainstream orientation has reaped great reward and respect.

Ever loyal to Tiesto’s imprint, Musical Freedom,¬†their lack of activity in recent times had prompted some mild concern from their loyal fan base. And it seems their questions have been answered. Implied and touched upon in their Facebook posts throughout November, Dzeko & Torres are seemingly preparing for a big change – what it may be, good or bad, we’re all kept guessing.

Increasingly hinting at a big change with each post, fans comments continued to get wary of a pending announcement:

In conjunction with the wall post below, Dzeko is set to be the first to release music under his solo act. Titled “Liberty”, and still with Musical Freedom, the track is first attempt to carve his own illustrious career. Previewing it earlier today, he seems to be taking a more subdued and classic house angle to the staple Dzeko and Torres productions.

Check out the preview below and let us know your thoughts on this breaking topic!

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