Eric Prydz unveils mind-blowing stage setup for EPIC 5.0

Swedish DJ & producer Eric Prydz is regarded as one of the true gods of the electronic music world, and rightfully so. With an illustrious career spanning over more than fifteen years, Eric has proven his mastery, both musically and technically. Not only are his musical productions top-notch and impeccable to say the least, his live performances and DJ sets are just as surreal. Well known for his use of a multitude of lasers and holograms paired with an almost unreal custom stage setup, Eric Prydz’s live performances and stage production are just as breath-taking as his music.

One of Eric’s most famous projects is the annual series of EPIC concerts, which feature a fully customized stage setup and uniquely designed visual production done on the fly, while perfectly synchronized with each set. Each year, a brand new technological advancement is introduced by his team and is incorporated within his performances, with a notable example being the world’s largest 4K hologram during his EPIC 3.0 show in Madison Square Garden, two years ago. The Swedish mastermind and his team also unveil a completely re-designed setup each year, with each year’s stage surpassing its predecessor.

Earlier today, Eric Prydz announced his first EPIC 5.0 concert, set to be at the Creamfields Steelyard in London mid-next year. Prydz teased glimpses of what the full setup will look like, calling it “the biggest & most technically advanced EPIC ever,” which undoubtedly will be the case. Take a look for yourself at the official show announcement via Eric’s Facebook page here: