Exclusive ADE Interview: Thomas Newson

One of the most prominent and rising stars of Revealed Recordings is undoubtedly the young Thomas Newson. The star has amassed a massive fan following and accomplished a huge amount of milestones in his 22 years.

The offspring of the infamous veteran DJ Marco V, Thomas was set on making his own way in the music industry and earning the respect of his peers and fans based on his own merits. His single ‘Flute’ released in 2013 in collaboration with New World Sound brought Newson worldwide success in international charts with the single being viewed a staggering 78 million times on YouTube. Having had three tracks hit #1 spots across Beatport’s progressive house, electro house and main charts, Newson has experienced unprecedented success in what is still the first phase of his young career and established himself as one of dance music’s brightest and most promising stars along the way.

We Rave You had a chance to chat to the Revealed prodigy at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event and ask him some zany fan questions in order to get an insight into person behind the artist.

Find out more about the rising star below :


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