Exclusive: Armin van Buuren talks Embrace, Art and ASOT vs Armin Only

Undoubtedly one of the most influential names in dance music today, Armin van Buuren is undergoing one of the most life-changing and daring years of his career to date. Releasing his latest album – Embrace, just over a year ago, the dutch pioneer took upon the challenge of incorporating new elements into his music and live shows around the globe.

Embracing new sounds, showcasing new talent and always striving to overcome himself, Armin is once again ahead of one of the biggest announcements in his career. What is it about, though – we do not know, but one thing is certain – mark November 10th on your calendar.


This is just one of the few topics we touched in our exclusive interview with Armin van Buuren during this year’s edition of the iconic music conference – Amsterdam Dance Event. Still having breakfast, the dutch legend welcomed us with open arms and a big smile, still buzzing from the night before, which marked the 15th year of his presence in the Top 10 of the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll. As we gaze at the shine of his award, which proudly sits on the table next to him, Armin is eager to kick start the interview and share his future plans.

After a thorough overview of Amsterdam Dance Event and Winter Music Conference, we go through the pros and cons of originals and remixes. When challenged to pick one between Armin Only or the A State of Trance tour, Armin shares some very interesting personal views.

As we were a day away from one of the most memorable performances of his life – at the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, we can not help but ask about his relationship with art and its influence on music. And this is where Armin absolutely surprised us.

Not to spoil any more of the interview, check it out in its entirety below.