Hardwell gives an insight into his life through photography

Hardwell has once again delighted fans by giving them the opportunity to have a unique insight into his world. Currently available for pre-order, ‘2 Years As One‘ is a photography book which tells Hardwell’s story through a series of images and quotes.

The two-time world number one DJ is renowned for both his epic productions and energetic live sets, soaring to fame when his performances gained worldwide attention. As well as having an impressive career of his own, Hardwell has also nurtured a number of up-and-coming talents through his label, Revealed Recordings.

Featuring the work of Dutch photographer Joep van Aert, the book gives fans the chance to be up close and personal with Hardwell like never before, allowing the reader to glimpse the life of the superstar DJ both on stage and off. This isn’t the first time he has allowed people to step into his world, having released two ‘I Am Hardwell‘ documentaries which both proved hugely popular, showing the different aspects of being a musician.

‘2 Years As One’ is Hardwell’s first photography book which features a range of photos, showing different aspects of the life of a leading DJ. Pre-order ‘2 Years As One’ here.


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