Kehlani – CRZY (DNO x Mr. Hook Remix)

Following their latest original output titled “Someone“, which went on to be one of the hidden gems among Trap enthusiasts, DNO and Mr. Hook are back with another remix, this time taking on “CRZY” by US-American R&B singer Kehlani. Kehlani’s original version of“CRZY” is an edgy, soulful, and above all, emotional anthem of the R&B variety. And while the original benefitted from its subtle, vocal-driven production, DNO and Mr. Hook absorb the unwound atmosphere in the production before multiplying it with a roaring Trap flip.

Kehlani’s smokey vocals remain the star of the show in DNO and Mr. Hook’s remix just like in the original but stuttering high-hats and an almost numb string into add to the mysterious air of the song. Slowly, yet surely the track builds into a roaring drop featuring vocal chops and delicate synth layers.

The tempo is pumped up and given a distinct Party Favor flavor that we’ve come to expect from the two Swiss-based producers. After the release of his earlier remixes such as “Bane” or “Big Bang“, this is definitely one of the most outstanding productions DNO has come out with. Unfortunately, it’s rather short, but damned if it isn’t sweet.

Listen to “CRZY” right below or follow the link for a free download.

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