KSHMR explains how an accident helped him create 2010 hit ‘Like A G6’

When it comes for young producers to question themselves as to who to take heed from, the first few names has got to be the likes of KSHMR, Seven Lions, Madeon and Porter Robinson among others who are inspiring artists in their own regard. But admittedly, while producers always rely on their own solid production ethics and tactics, sometimes innovation and novelty can be credited to an unlikely accident. More often than not, these accident lead no where and only take producers back to the drawing board. Other times – you sell 5 million records and are left with a hell of an anecdote.

That’s what happened with LA based Producer turned DJ KSHMR or Niles “Cyranizzy” Hollowell-Dhar as he was known when he was part of the production duo of The Cataracs along with David Singer-Vine, as he recalled the time when the duo were the producers behind Far East Movement‘s 2010 hit ‘Like A G6‘. Niles – as he was known during the 2012 video recording attached below – explains how a simple drag-n-drop accident had accidentally helped him make the infectious bass structure for the track. A worthy anecdote, it’s only a mark of great producer that Niles reminds fellow producers that the entire point of the story is to “embrace accidents” rather than try to correct them as they help a producer achieve a new sound. It’s a ‘hit & miss’ philosophy but it worked wonders for him as the 2010 hit was a multi-platinum record and sold over 5 million copies – making the story even more worthy.

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