LENNYMENDY & Poli feat. Jonny Rose – Strange Dimension

LENNYMENDY is yet another brilliant producer exported straight from Italy. Since 2007, this up-and-coming artist has been busy cooking up remarkable music inside the studio. Having the likes of “Jungle Trip” and “Boreal” under his discography, LENNYMENDY has truly maintained a high level of production throughout his career.

Most recently, the Milan-native has dropped a couple of his tracks on the Netherlands-based label Musical Madness. He first released the heart-pumping “Do It” and followed it up with the electrifying “Feel the Vibe”. LENNYMENDY has just made another return to the imprint to release his brand new single called “Strange Dimension”.

The track is a collaborative work alongside another bright talent named Poli, who is certainly geared for tremendous success within this industry. “Strange Dimension” also features vocals from Los Angeles-based vocalist Jonny Rose, who is renowned for his collaborations with some of dance music’s biggest powerhouses such as Dash Berlin, Laidback Luke, and DubVision.

“Strange Dimension” presents an impeccable combination of striking vocals and captivating instrumentals. With its stunning synths and progressive house elements, this tune brings out the emotions while maintaining a consistent flow of energy that would simply make any listener dance from beginning till the end.

Check out the track’s preview below: