N-Sure – Shake’Em

N-Sure is a German producer whose name has recently been surfacing within this industry. Since his early beginnings, the Düsseldorf-based talent has become a household DJ in major cities such as London, Madrid, and Amsterdam. Aside from his massive club gigs, N-Sure has also been catching the attention of many fans around the world with his impressive array of productions. From his bootleg of Sick Individuals’ “Prime” and his single “Lose Your Mind”, both of which are produced alongside Teknoclash, N-Sure has successfully showcased his capabilities of delivering high-quality content.

Recently, N-Sure signs with MXUP Records once again to release his latest track. Since its establishment, the Dutch label has effectively been shining down the spotlight to many bright and upcoming talents. MXUP Records has delivered some astounding productions in the past couple of months, from Dirt Delux’s “Awakening” to Teknoclash and Avoid’s “Tell”. For its newest release, MXUP Records dropped N-Sure’s main stage slayer titled “Shake’Em”, which is set to shake any dance floor in the future.

The track opens up with a high-spirited buildup that consists of heavy synths and hard-hitting beats. Along with this introduction, the lively vocals provide an overwhelming surge of energy that would be suitable for any club or festival environment. A stunning melodic progression soon follows, then transitions into the final, earth-shattering climax that delivers a flurry of punchy basslines and deafening electro sounds.

“Shake’Em” is out now on MXUP Records and you can grab a copy here.