DJ Score

N-Trance – Set You Free (DJ Score Remix)

There is little known about the emerging artist of DJ Score. However, his portfolio speaks volumes of his future prospects and raw talent.

Having been active for around two years now, DJ Score’s early productions included a remix of Major Lazer’s collaboration with Ariana Grande, “All My Love” and his first original track. Followed up by his initial breakthrough production, the budding talent’s remix of Linkin Park was prequel to a masterful rework on Manse’s “Freeze Time”.

Now taking on a classic number, DJ Score’s discography continues to grow with enhancing quality and versatility. With a mellow tone and calmer tempo to many Future Bass tracks, he flips N-Trance’s nostalgic anthem “Set You Free” into revivalist House number.

Using the original vocal layer with craftsmanship, the subtle and explicit elements bring a vibrant edge to the remixes overall dynamic and effect. Certainly a pleasant reminder of the 21 year old track, DJ Score’s caliber of production has comes on leaps and bounds, reflecting his dedication and ear for detail in his studio work.

Available as a Free Download, you can also support DJ Score on the Hypeddit chart. Check out the full preview below and let us know your thoughts on the remix!

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