Premiere: Quintino x Cheat Codes – Can’t Fight It (MOTi Remix)

LA-based producer trio Cheat Codes are undoubtedly one of the fastest-rising music acts within this industry. Through their impeccable implementation of their awe-inspiring signature sounds alongside some astonishing vocals, the young superstars have successfully accumulated an immensely strong following all across the globe.

Especially with their recent corssover masterpiece titled “Sex” and their mind-boggling collaboration with Dante Klein titled “Turn Me On“, Cheat Codes simply continue to effectively showcase their prowess through their unique productions and to rapidly evolve as one of the electronic music scene’s most tremendous talents.

Quintino on the other side is no stranger to the dance scene, however might as well be one of the most underrated names in the industry. His powerful and unique melody-oriented work has proven to be a recipe for success, gaining him a massive fan base around the globe.

Of course, the particular track that most notably brought Quintino and Cheat Codes toward greater prominence throughout the second half of 2016 was their collaborative hit called “Can’t Fight It”. Since its release, this breathtaking song was able to not only rank on top in numerous charts from around the world but also amass over 4 million views on Youtube. And as it’s quickly becoming a tradition for Spinnin’ Records, the post-summer super-hit has now proved worthy to deserve a glossy remix pack.

The first remix is brought to us in adept aplomb by another Dutch heavyweight: MOTi. Mixing and mashing his own styles on the original’s unique vocals, he hits the nail right on the head with his powerful and energetic work on the drop with the attention grabbing melodic which sticks out of all leaving the listener wanting for more of it. While calling no bests from the lot, this surely has to be one of top remixes of the summer hit.

When Quintino asked me if i wantend to do the remix I was super excited. I love the original mix and was sure I could do something great for the remix. I’m super happy with the end result and it gets great support in the scene!! – MOTi

Featuring some spine-tingling melodic progressions and ravishing synths, this remix surely delivers an incredible auditory experience from start to finish. For his version, MOTi also seamlessly mixes the original vocals alongside his captivating instrumentals, which would be capable of pleasing an entire crowd in a club or festival environment of any magnitude.

Overall, this merge between progressive house and future house styles is an absolute treat to hear, proving MOTi’s creativity and versatility in producing music once again.

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