Richie Hawtin to perform at New York art exhibition

If there’s a name which is synonymous with techno it’s Richie Hawtin. The DJ/Producer has been in the game for a very long time and has always stayed at the forefront of techno as a genre. The Canadian has always strived to use the latest technology in order to keep pushing the genre forward, and has always maintained a creative and interesting approach to both producing and performing. Always up for providing something different to fans, this time Hawtin’s latest endeavour sees him teaming up with photographer Andreas Grusky and the Gagosian Gallery in New York City to provide the soundtrack to a brand new art exhibition.

The music itself steps well away from the pounding minimal rhythms Hawtin is known for but sees him retaining the dark and eerie vibe often seen in techno. The vast, sonic soundscapes create an almost ambient feel which is intended to have the listeners on edge as it’s ominous chords play a part in the art exhibitions general moody vibe.

To hear a preview of the type of sounds which Hawtin has come up for on this new project, check out the Gagosian Gallery’s website. Not Abstract II is open Nov. 10 through Dec. 23, 2016.